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Q: What is the RitchieCam app?
A: RitchieCam is an iPhone camera app meant to be used instead of the default Camera app that comes standard with your iPhone.

Q: Who is RitchieCam for?
A: Everyone! Whether you have no interest in photography and just want to snap some selfies and cat pictures, or are a seasoned pro, this app is intended to save you time and make photography more fun.

Q: How does the app work?
A: This app works similarly to the default Camera app, except that it has a filter already applied, and as soon as the app is opened it’s ready to capture pictures that don’t need to be edited to look good.

Q: What makes this app different from other camera apps?
A: RitchieCam is designed to bring one-step photography (no-edit) to the iPhone, with a user experience that is simple and intuitive, so that anyone can capture pleasing pictures that are ready to be shared the moment they’re taken.

Q: How many filters are there?
A: There are currently 18 filters available in RitchieCam: 15 color and 3 black-and-white. I hope to add more in the future. Only 3 filters are available without a Patron subscription.

Q: Do the filters look like film?
A: Many of the filters were inspired by film, but none are intended to mimic film exactly. They’re designed to produce pleasing results, and many of them have a nostalgic analog-like aesthetic.

Q: How much does RitchieCam cost?
A: RitchieCam is free! However, there is a $9.99 (USD + tax) annual Patron subscription to unlock all of the features and filters. RitchieCam is intended to be a useful no-cost tool, but the best experience is reserved for Patrons.

Q: Is there a free trial so that I can see if I’d even like it?
A: No, but you can use the app for free, and (if you like it) become a Patron to unlock the app’s full potential.

Q: What do I get for free?
A: RitchieCam is intended to be robust enough without a subscription to be useful to you. Much of the app’s features are available to you for free.

Q: What do I get for $9.99 annually?
A: Filters and Favoriting are unlocked when you become a Patron. Only 3 filters are available for free, and subscribing unlocks the other 14. When new filters are made available in the future, they will be for Patrons only. Favoriting is also unlocked, which is a useful tool for streamlining and customizing the user experience.

Q: If I’m a Patron on the Fuji X Weekly App, am I also automatically a Patron on RitchieCam?
A: No. RitchieCam App, Fuji X Weekly App, and Ricoh Recipes App are all separate and anonymous. RitchieCam Patron is for RitchieCam only; Fuji X Weekly Patron is for Fuji X Weekly only; etc..

Q: Why does it need permission to access my Photos Library?
A: RitchieCam saves the pictures that you capture with it to your Photos Library, and it requires permission to access it in order to do so.

Q: Can I edit pictures with RitchieCam?
A: Not at the moment, but after a future app update you will be able to import photos from your iPhone into the app and apply one of the filters to it. This ability is in the works, and will be reserved for Patrons.

Q: Can I shoot video with RitchieCam?
A: Not currently. In the future I hope to add video capability. For the time being, RitchieCam is for still photography only.

Q: Can RitchieCam capture Portrait-Mode pictures?
A: Not yet. This feature is in the works.

Q: Does this app capture Live photos?
A: No, but I hope to add this capability in the future.

Q: Can I use the volume buttons to capture pictures?
A: Yes! The volume buttons work as shutter release buttons, and can be used in lieu of the circle at the bottom.

Q: What aspect ratio is RitchieCam pictures?
A: The default aspect ratio of RitchieCam, which is the default iPhone aspect ratio, and the ratio you need to use the full resolution of the sensor, is 4:3/3:4; however, you can also choose 3:2/2:3, 5:4/4:5, 1:1, & 16:9/9:16.

Q: Can I share pictures to social media directly from the app?
A: No. The pictures save to your Photos Library, and from there you can share them however you’d like.

Q: Can you print the pictures captured with RitchieCam?
A: Yes! I’ve printed them as large as 11″ x 14″ and they look good. You could probably print them even larger than that.

Q: What file format does the app save in?
A: RitchieCam saves each image in Apple’s HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) format. HEIC is arguably better than JPEG in many ways, while taking up less space on your device. There’s potentially compatibility issues with non-Apple software, although this has certainly improved significantly since Apple introduced HEIC in 2017. If you prefer JPEG, RitchieCam is capable of saving in this format—simply tap the Gear, and look for the Format toggle about halfway down.

Q: Is there a fun way to use the app in an unconventional way?
A: A fun project could be to print the pictures captured with RitchieCam on instant film using a Fujifilm Instax printer. Or you could make a photo-book of pictures captured using RitchieCam while on a road trip.

Q: Is there a hashtag I can use or an account to tag when I share my RitchieCam filters?
A: You can use #ritchiecam or tag @RitchieCam_Official on Instagram. While you’re at it, be sure to give us a follow!

Q: Is an Android version of RitchieCam in the works?
A: No, not at this time. Maybe someday in the future.

RitchieCam app Terms of Use:

The RitchieCam Application (the “app”) is provided to you by ritchiecam.com. Not associated with the Apple Corporation. We don’t collect any user information. The information provided on the app is not intended for distribution to or use by any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to law or regulation or which would subject us to any registration requirement within such jurisdiction or country. Accordingly, those persons who choose to access the app from other locations do so on their own initiative and are solely responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable. The app is intended for users who are at least 13 years of age. All users who are minors in the jurisdiction in which they reside (generally under the age of 18) must have the permission of, and be directly supervised by, their parent or guardian to use the app. If you are a minor, you must have your parent or guardian read these Terms of Use prior to you using the app. Unless otherwise indicated, the app is our proprietary property and all source code, databases, functionality, software, website designs, audio, video, text, photographs, and graphics on the app is copyright ritchiecam.com. The content and the marks are provided on the app “AS IS” for your information and personal use only. Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Use, no part of the app may be copied, reproduced, aggregated, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted, distributed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose whatsoever, without our express prior written permission. You may not access or use the app for any purpose other than that for which we make the app available. The app may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors except those that are specifically endorsed or approved by us. The app requests access to Photos Library to save and import pictures. Use of the app constitutes an agreement with the Terms of Use.

RitchieCam App Privacy Policy:

We don’t collect or distribute any user information. All of your usage of the app remains private and on your device. This Privacy Policy is subject to change with a written notice.

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