Streamlining Your iPhone Photography.

Easy To Use. One-Step Philosophy. Analog Inspired Filters.

Hello. My name is Ritchie, and this is my iPhone camera app. I call it RitchieCam.

RitchieCam is designed to simplify photography on your iPhone. As soon as you open the app, it is ready to capture timeless pictures—no editing needed! It’s fast, fun, and free!

Easy to Use

With intuitive minimalistic controls, RitchieCam is easy for beginners, yet useful for experienced photographers. Whether you have no interest in cameras yet want some snaps of your kids or pets or vacation to share on social media, or if you are a pro doing a Route 66 photography project, or anywhere in-between, you’ll find this app simple enough—yet sophisticated enough—for your needs. No matter where you are on your photographic journey, RitchieCam is an iPhone camera app made for you!

If you’ve ever used the Camera app that comes standard on your iPhone, you should feel right at home with RitchieCam—the design and fictionality are intended to be familiar. The learning curve is very minimal—literally anyone can become proficient with this app very quickly. Features such as EV +/- and Filter Intensity are great tools for those who want just a little more control over their pictures.

One-Step Philosophy

Designed with a one-step philosophy, RitchieCam produces photos that are ready to be shared or printed the instant that they’re captured. In 1963, famed photographer Ansel Adams published a book entitled Polaroid Land Photography, and in Chapter 13 he explained the Principals of One-Step Photography. Adams said, “The effect of one-step processing on both amateur and professional creative photography has been revolutionary.” He was talking about Polaroid instant film, yet there are a lot of similarities between that and RitchieCam: you instantaneously get a finished picture (no need to shake your phone, though). Because you don’t need to edit, one-step photography saves you time and hassle, which is just as revolutionary today as it was 60 years ago when Ansel Adams penned his words.

Because you don’t need to edit your pictures, they’re immediately ready to be shared. Post them to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Text them to your family or friends. Since the pictures already look good, you can do this the very moment after you snap the images—that’s the power of one-step photography. And it’s fun!


There are 18 filters in RitchieCam to choose from: 15 color and 3 B&W. Inspired by film, I crafted these filters to have an analog essence. None of them are intended to mimic any specific film exactly; instead, they’re made to produce analog-like memory color. These filters have a retro vibe, and you’re sure to find at least one that compliments your style. Three are available for free—Standard Film, Analog Color, and B&W Negative; unlock the other 15 by becoming a RitchieCam Patron today!

Standard Film

Vibrant Color

Color Negative Low

Night Negative

Instant Color 2

Faded Film

Vintage Kodak

Classic Color

B&W Fade

Analog Color

Color Negative

Analog Gold

Instant Color 1

Instant Color 3

Sunny Day


B&W Fade

Dramatic B&W

Click here to see all of the filters in more detail.

RitchieCam is free! No ads. No selling your data (we don’t even collect it)—unlike most free apps, you’re not the product that’s being sold. No sneaky tricks. RitchieCam is a “freemium” app, which means that it costs absolutely zero to download and use, yet becoming a Patron for only $9.99 (USD + Tax annually) fully unlocks all of the filters and features, and gives you the best app experience.

Download the RitchieCam app today!

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The latest update to the RitchieCam app adds aspect ratios, format choices (HEIC or JPEG), and volume-button-as-shutter-release!

RitchieCam now has five aspect ratios to choose from: 4:3, 3:2, 5:4, 1:1, & 16:9. Sample photos, all captured using the Standard Film filter on RitchieCam, illustrating the different aspect ratios:

4:3 / 3:4

3:2 / 2:3

5:4 / 4:5


16:9 / 9:16



This new RitchieCam update adds drag to switch filters, 65:24 aspect ratio, and straight-down level indicator (click here to learn more).

B&W Fade Filter — XPan 65:24 Aspect Ratio

The Filters
The RitchieCam Story

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